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        Wait a minute. I have the right to be treated with respect. Just because I am me. Not because I’ve proven anything in the world. Not because I’ve done anything great. But just because I am in the world living and breathing, and doing my best to be the best person I can."

~ Yehudit Sidikman

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     My body. My right to decide what to do with it." 

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     Teaching girls to advocate for themselves, to know their rights and boundaries, to set them and to protect them, and to have the physical skills to defend themselves is not only life-changing and healing, it works to prevent violence in the majority of cases."

Yehudit Sidikman

Apolitical, 2020

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     ESD Global’s founder Yehudit (Yudit) Zicklin-Sidikman, leads a dedicated group of ESD practitioners who envision a world where all people have the Empowerment Self-Defense skills to protect themselves and others. Discovering ESD felt like finding a treasure chest. 

~ Negar Tayyar

Medium, 2019

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        To feel safe on a day to day basis and to know that you have tools to respond to dangerous situations is about quality of life. 

~ Yehudit Sidikman

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