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2019 -- A Year of Connections

Speaking. Teaching. Air travel.

I feel very lucky that those were the major themes of my 2019.

2019 was very much a turning point, and I know that creating the change so many of us are envisioning needs to be fueled by the force of a movement.

Which is why I feel even more lucky that all three of those themes resulted in so many powerful connections that I have already started to treasure.

It is because of those connections that I feel ready and energized for 2020.

But before we talk about what's in store for the coming year (hint: there's a lot!), I'm taking a moment to look back at some of my favorite events of the past year, and thinking of all the wonderful people I've met.

1. Speaking at Evoso Live, Boulder, CO, March 2019:

2. Attending the Women Deliver Conference, Vancouver, CA, June 2019:


3. Breaking boards at the Girl Up Leadership Summit, Washington DC, July 2019:

4. Teaching at the National Women's Martial Arts Federation Special Training, Naperville, IL, July 2019:

5. Developing and managing the first ESD Global Level 1 Instructor Training, UN University for Peace, Costa Rica, July 2019:


6. Developing and managing the third ESD Global Level 1 Instructor Training, YMCA Judo Camp, New York, August 2019:

7. Working with Dr. Yaron Schwartz to plan and host The ESD Global Men's Incubator, New York, August 2019:


8. Speaking at The Third European Conference on Domestic Violence, Oslo, September 2019:

9. Being a "conversationalist" at the Women's Leaders Global Forum, Reykjavik, November 2019:

10. Meeting so many changemakers at the Progressive Connextions Conference, Prague, December 2019:

I wish all of us a new year filled with action, powerful connections, and many opportunities to say "YES!"

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