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Divorce, Abuse, Violence, and What We Can DO About It

It is out, so I am going to take that courageous step to share my interview with Jackie Hyman from the Fierce Mama Warriors podcast.

I haven’t had the courage to listen to more than the first 5 minutes but.....

Over the years, I have told different parts of my story, but Jackie got me to go a lot deeper than I ever have publicly, and honestly, I have to thank her. There was something really beautiful in being able to share my story with a friend, a colleague, and someone who “knew me," if not “way back when” back when, enough.

Yes, some of the parts might be triggering. And yes, there are tears you can hear in my voice. I remember those moments clearly from when we did the taping at El HaLev a few months ago.

For many years, my motto has been, “If telling my story can help one girl, one woman from going through what I went through, it was worth it.” I know that me sharing my story has helped more than one.

And most of all, it has helped me. Knowing that I can be me fully in the world without shame or regret is the most empowering thing I have ever done.

So, don’t feel obligated to listen to the full hour and thirteen minutes, but listen to something.

Maybe it will help you to find your story and share it with us too.

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