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I am a Tour Guide

When I speak, I am a tour guide, taking my audience on a tour of the historical and current modern-day understandings of Empowerment Self Defense.

My hope is that when they leave the tour, they’ll have been given enough information to make decisions about their safety, and possibly decide whether or not they want to bring ESD into their schools or offices.

More importantly, I want to take my audience on a tour of the personal power they already possess. I want to talk with them about positive communication and what it means. I want them to think about what they can do to feel strong, empowered, and happy.

At the end of the tour, I want people to walk off the bus thinking, “Hmmmm, maybe I need to start thinking about these things, maybe I need to start looking at how I am walking through life and at the choices that I am making. Are they making me happy? Or are they just limiting me from things that I am scared to do?”

Learning how to be a public speaker hasn’t been a simple process. But I know that giving these “tours” is an essential part of creating the change so many of us have been striving for.

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