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More Than a Backup Plan

The MyPwr Team

By now you know the story. Because of Covid, those of us in the Empowerment Self Defense community had to find creative ways to provide training.

Using technology felt like a backup plan, and we spent a lot of time focusing on limitations. There was a lot of, “Well, it won’t be the same as, but…” or “It won’t be as good as, but…”

But now that I’ve experienced the process of creating online courses and building an educational app from the ground up, I’m beginning to focus less on the limitations and more on what technology actually allows us to do.

Nobody is saying that an app or an online course is just as good or better than in-person training. What we are saying is that educational technology, when designed well, really does have its own set of benefits.

"Lion of Judo," The MyPwr Narrator

Here are just a few of the many learning benefits of the MyPwr App (besides the fact that it will be available to anyone with a smartphone):

1. The narration and the visuals will cater to the needs of various learning styles.

2. The app will allow people to learn and train in the privacy of their own homes, at their own pace, and review lessons as many times as they’d like.

3. Users will become part of a supportive global community and interact with people they would likely never cross paths with in person.

And something is telling me that a lot of people who get a taste of ESD through the app will be inspired to find in-person classes. But we’ll have to test that theory later.

What other benefits do you see to an app that provides ESD training? Have you ever benefited from using a piece of educational technology?

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