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PAVE Prevention

Human Development and Safety Skills Education

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PAVE Prevention, Inc. is a social enterprise offering training and HR consulting solutions to public, private, academic, and not for profit organizations and their employees (and the communities in which they operate), in order to prevent, reduce, respond, and recover from emotionally and physically harmful events.

PAVE’s mission has been officially implemented in 2022 with the development and delivery of PAVE curricula and training to 7 partners, exceeding the goal of 5 set for the first year of operations. PAVE’s clients belong to a variety of sectors, highlighting the importance and impact that violence prevention has across businesses as a mainstreaming factor.

Enhancing productivity and creativity through safe workspaces. 

Our Initiatives

  • Building healthy workplaces.

  • Advancing rights.

  • Product development for social change.

  • Organizational growth and infrastructure building


We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Arlene Limas - Chief Executive Officer

+1 312 286 7434

Jennifer Cusentino - Director of Operations

+1 323 428 7728

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