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Join us in a global movement

to ignite the spread of evidence-based, Empowerment Self Defense, empowering individuals worldwide and shifting the systems that perpetrate violence to systems of empowerment.

We are better together.

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Empowerment Self Defense (ESD)

ESD is an inclusive, evidence-based, trauma-informed approach to resisting and preventing violence.


Our ESD mission is Gender Inclusive and we acknowledge that anyone can be the target of violence regardless of gender.

Accessible, Inclusive Training

We champion training that is inclusive and accessible to all.

ESD is for everyone, regardless of background or abilities to learn, grow, and become empowered.

Proven, Effective Methodologies

Our approach isn't a guessing game. It's grounded in methodologies that are proven to be effective.

Collaborative Environment

We are pioneers who grow and thrive together. We exchange skills, training techniques, and groundbreaking methodologies to inspire each other and elevate our collective potential.

Adaptive Training

We believe in the power of customization. By adapting our training to best suit each community we serve, we ensure everyone benefits from our approach in their own unique way.

Empowerment Self Defense: 
A Thriving Global Community

Diversity Breeds Innovation

At ESD, we celebrate diversity - in experiences, knowledge, and perspectives. It's this diversity that fuels our innovation and drives the evolution of our movement.

ESD World Map July 31.png
Over 350 Graduates
in 50 Countries

Albania, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Chile, Costa-Rica, DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo), The Czech Republic, Denmark, The Dominican Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Liberia, Macedonia, Mexico, Myanmar, The Netherlands, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Romania, Rwanda, Samoa, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, The Gambia, Tunisia, Turkey, USA (United States of America), Venezuela.

ESD Camp Photo.jpeg

In 2017, the ESD community embarked on a transformative journey, uniting to forge new paths in scaling Empowerment Self Defense

A dedicated week of collaboration and strategy laid the foundation for a groundbreaking pilot of an intensive teacher training program. It was during this time that ESD Global, a beacon of global change, came to life.


                  We have the opportunity to create the cultural shift we need to build a safer future."

Driven by the growing demands for access, resources, and the urgent global need, the Global ESD Ecosystem emerged.

This ecosystem brought together organizations such as ESD Global, EL HaLev, Association of ESD Professionals, PAVE Prevention Inc, Violence Prevention Education Conference, Power of XYZ Inc, IMPACT Personal Safety Global, and MyPwr Ltd, united in their commitment to spreading Empowerment Self Defense worldwide.

Opportunities to support
the ESD movement

El Halev
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VPEC 2023.png
PXYZ Logo.png
Association Logo.png
Impact Global.png
Higher Education Accredited Program Logo.png

Every  person out there can play a part in moving this forward.

“I find it difficult to put into words how important this initiative is and the impact it will have on young people, This is life-changing.”

Bora Muzhaqi

Minister of State for Youth and Children

Albanian Government

"It doesn't matter what you can offer - I really think that every person out there can help move this movement forward in their own way, in their own communities."

PAVE Disrupting the Dominoes Podcast

Dr. Christine DiBlasio

Founder & Director

Stone House Associates

 Co-founder and President of

The Safety Team

ESD is one of the most critical skills I have learned; it has helped me to feel comfortable and have very empowered interactions in my daily life.

Nuna Gleason

Executive Director

Wounded Healers International

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ESD Organizations Seeking Support

ESD Organizations Creating Change

Empowered Movement Self-Defense_edited.png
Autodefensa y Empodermiento_edited.png
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ESD Belgium.png
Fightback Nepal_edited.png
Beauty Bites Beast.png
Mujeres Fuertes Logo.png
ESD Sunshine Coast - Empowerment Self Defence_edited.png
IMPACT - Colorado.png
Be Empowered.png
Za Seba.png
Impact personal safety_edited.jpg
Kenya Men Engage_edited.png
We are worth Defending.png
ESD CZECHIA_edited.png
Solace Initiative.png
ESD BRASIL - Fundo Cinza Vertical_edited.png
Resilience Training Institute.png
ESD Albania - Gentiana Susaj_edited.png
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White Waves
And We're Not Done Yet...

ESD Global Summer Experiences 2023. Moving Forward.

 101 participants from 21 countries worldwide.

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